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Teens, Anxiety and the Journey of Acceptance

Anxiety disorder diagnoses are at an all time high, especially for the adolescent population. Overstimulated by everything around you, you are probably unsurprised to find that the nervousness caused by our society’s endless stimuli can result in debilitating disorders, such as social phobia and eating disorders, especially for teenagers. Societal pressures have risen over the years for everyone,… Read more »

True Identity

Is our true identity in how we fall down or how we stand back up? Many of us have bought into a devastating lie about the realities of being human. Somewhere along the way, we decided that we needed to secure approval from the people around us. We must get an A+ on our spelling… Read more »

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

― Mary Oliver



Are feelings of fear and self-doubt interfering with your life?

Perhaps you feel as though nobody understands how you feel. Your friends and family love you, but it hurts and it isn’t going away.

Does it feel like you’re the only one going through this, or that you’re ashamed to ask for help? If you do feel this way, remember this: nobody gets through life without tough times. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, chronic procrastination, exhaustion, burn-out, and self-destructive behaviors it’s important to know that the suffering can be a signal, letting you know that a deeper issue needs your attention.

When making a change, the biggest step you can take is the first step to find the support you need to transform your life. For many, coming to therapy is a leap of faith. It can be scary. It is tempting to avoid dealing with the deeper issues, to run from the pain, to stay busy, or say I’ll do it later.

You can feel more alive and confident in your life by making the choice to do the inner work needed to create a happy, fulfilled life.

I look forward to talking to you soon,



Dr. Maya Shlanger, Psy.D.